The Black Friday “Deals” Myth

by LindaBaez

Black Friday at a Busy Mall Packed with Shoppers.

Tis the season once again. It’s that time of year when the masses swarm out like bees; buzzing from one retail outlet to another hoping to hit the big deal saving jackpot. Yes, indeed – Black Friday is upon us!

The Myth About Black Friday
The irony of this ridiculous soirée, besides the utter lack of self control; is the unnecessary marathon which ensues each and every year. It is a myth that black Friday is the only way shoppers save money during the holidays. In fact, holiday sales generally continue up until Christmas. Continue reading

Black Friday Nightmare

I will never be a part of Black Friday again. To start, I skipped Thanksgiving and waited countless hours at a store, hoping to get a $200 LCD TV.  In line at the store, people were cutting in front or me. I thought store security would stop it, but no.

As the sale began, a woman ahead of me argued she wanted to buy two TVs, despite the fact a “limit of one” was made very clear to her. She screamed about it until store management gave in and let her buy two.

Many customers who saw this were upset, screaming they wanted two as well. When the manager said no, an angry group formed and charged toward him. In the process of charging toward the manager, the angry mob recklessly shoved others out of their way, including kids and senior citizens.

As the chaos continued, I got out of line and left, realizing what a nightmare Black Friday really is.

A Good Reason to NOT Celebrate Black Friday

Black Friday has nothing on Cyber-Monday. After hearing about all of the mayhem in the stores caused by customers willing to do anything to get a deal, I am looking forward to the fun of shopping online. Talking with my friends via IM as we find the best deals on Ebay and Amazon, I do not need a gas mask to find my special deals. I will not miss the kamikaze crowds, where Kevlar seems like more than just a good idea, or getting trampled for just another 10%. This is why I dislike Black Friday. It’s sort of funny that I don’t fear the crime as much I fear out of control matrons.

Black Friday, Such a Beautiful Time of Consumerism

Oh what a wonderful time of the year the holidays are. Yeah, it is really perfectly wonderful getting my face smashed into a cement sidewalk because some psycho middle-aged lady needs to get out some aggression by snagging some discounts. I’m so tired of the disgusting display that goes on every year on Black Friday!

Sure, we all know how much Americans love buying stuff and accumulating a giant pile of worthless junk that the media tells them they need. But do they really have to make such a childish and disgusting show of it each year for all the world to see?  For this reason I am anti Black Friday!

Can you even imagine what people in other countries must think of our ridiculousness? People that don’t have enough food to keep their kids’ bellies from aching, watching an overweight house wife shove her fat behind to the front of the line to grab six discount deep fryers? It honestly makes me nauseous.

Black Friday, Black Hole

Have you ever been to a Walmart on Black Friday? I tried it for the first time this year, and was absolutely disgusted by what I saw. A very big, tall man was telling a group of little girls that once the 10:00am deals were called, he was going to just “dive right in for it” so he could get the great deals for himself and was giving them “fair warning”. And he did, literally, much to these poor girls’ terror. I am soooo against Black Friday, it’s unbelievable! If this is what humanity is like for video games at half price, what would it be like if something terrible really did happen nationwide?

Dangerous Black Friday at Walmart!

Some guy got shot in a Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday. Shopping at Wal-Mart is becoming a dangerous event.  If you are going to be shopping there on the day of Black Friday you better be prepared for war!  This is just asking for trouble.

Remember a couple of years ago when the Wal-Mart clerk got trampled to death by a mob trying to break the doors down? An yesterday a guy got held up in the parking lot and shot because he refused to hand over the crap he had bought. I guess he thought that it was worth more than his life. I hate black Friday.

Black Friday Is For Stupid People

I hate black Friday. Why would I want to spend my hard earned money in some big department store that feeds into a capitalist society that I despise? I find it kind of ironic that the day after Thankgiving, a day that is supposed to be giving thanks for all that we already have, is spent trampling over people and spreading an overall hatred to our fellow neighbors just to buy more stuff that I guess we’ll have to wait until next Thanksgiving to be thankful for. I’m sorry, but I’m not waking up at 2 am to go to the mall unless they are handing out giant piles of money, not taking giant piles of mine.