Black Friday, Such a Beautiful Time of Consumerism

Oh what a wonderful time of the year the holidays are. Yeah, it is really perfectly wonderful getting my face smashed into a cement sidewalk because some psycho middle-aged lady needs to get out some aggression by snagging some discounts. I’m so tired of the disgusting display that goes on every year on Black Friday!

Sure, we all know how much Americans love buying stuff and accumulating a giant pile of worthless junk that the media tells them they need. But do they really have to make such a childish and disgusting show of it each year for all the world to see?  For this reason I am anti Black Friday!

Can you even imagine what people in other countries must think of our ridiculousness? People that don’t have enough food to keep their kids’ bellies from aching, watching an overweight house wife shove her fat behind to the front of the line to grab six discount deep fryers? It honestly makes me nauseous.

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