The Black Friday “Deals” Myth

by LindaBaez

Black Friday at a Busy Mall Packed with Shoppers.

Tis the season once again. It’s that time of year when the masses swarm out like bees; buzzing from one retail outlet to another hoping to hit the big deal saving jackpot. Yes, indeed – Black Friday is upon us!

The Myth About Black Friday
The irony of this ridiculous soirée, besides the utter lack of self control; is the unnecessary marathon which ensues each and every year. It is a myth that black Friday is the only way shoppers save money during the holidays. In fact, holiday sales generally continue up until Christmas.

Smart Folks Shop Online
Those of us with an ounce of intelligence have come to realize the benefit of online shopping versus the crazed rigamarole. The beauty of our technological advances as a culture is the idea that we can enjoy the black Friday sales from the comfort of our own home.

Pre-Black Friday
Black Friday used to be a day to enjoy a few sales and initially jump start the holiday season. The stores offered sale items in the morning for a few hours. Today we have the evening and midnight madness taking place on Thanksgiving. This day which was once reserved for family and giving thanks has now given way to an extension of capitalistic mayhem. Instead of family we have foraging. Instead of feasting we have frenzy.

Save Gas
For example, a local mall in Gainesville, FL offered customers $10 if they spent $100 or more. The line of irritated,edgy, spent shoppers stretched across the center court of the mall. Customers grumbled and complained about the wait yet remained steadfast for a mere ten bucks! What is it about a few dollars which drives humanity toward the brink of insanity? Consider saving the gas and shopping online instead.

One thing is for sure, if you are smart you will not jump off the cliff with the rest of the herd of hungry cattle next year for Black Friday 2012. Instead, sit back, relax, perhaps sip on a bit of cider while you peruse the myriad of shopping portals online. Sites like and other mass retailers offer customers the same exact sales taking place in the stores. Rather than stand in a two hour check out line, simply click, enter your payment and poof, your gifts are on the way.

Imagine! You won’t even have to lug around a bunch of back breaking shopping bags this year either!

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